Ok… so we haven’t set a date yet (reference the whole politics that’s going on) but I figure its still ok for me to browse in the mean time and see what I like.

We don’t have a big budget at all, so I’m looking for gorgeous dresses that are still affordable, i.e. hopefully in the under $300 price range.¬† I found some truly dreamy dresses at www.idealweddingdresses.com, and here are my top pics…

Btw I am going for a mermaid style which really shows the hour glass and bust¬† Let me know what you think….

My favourite dress out of the lot because I like the cut and the glittery belt

Im Indian so Im always partial to a one shoulder, its like my nod to Sarees

I like this one again for the beading around the bust

This one is tons of drama which I like!!!!!

I like this one a lot of the hour glass shape

This one is really elegant looking

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